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We know the value of money and we know how many people need the help. We believe that we will be able to change the world to the best having presented our care and  our attention to somebody . That’s why our company FOXNOTE is in an active charity . We are sure that the helping hand is important then only when it is heartfelt.
Not first year FOXNOTE company supports the boarding school “ Nadezhda” located in Obninsk, Moscow region . Our team visited the children  on January 20, 2012 first .We have made ready the show performance for all- aged children  applying great efforts with smart clothes ,friendly communication , as well as  funny competitions to make for children the unforgettable atmosphere of  holiday.
In addition to the program  we brought a lot of  gifts, such as the audio music  system,
4 DVD-players, the microwave oven, office supplies, Lego, children's toys, tools for manual training for boys, sewing accessories,  coloring books, clothes and many books.

Recently we have ordered and mounted the entrance door for school, so now  we hope that children will be ill considerably less .

The team of FOXNOTE company is sure that charity is an important and responsible mission, but it has to be  engaged with a sincere heart  never asking in return.

In 2008 our company made a large donation to reconstruction of the Temple in Tver region.

For making kind things is absolutely not necessary to look for reasons for it. It’s just simple enough to notice a request and help.

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